Monday, March 07, 2011

Celebration 07/03/2011

Today decision on a harbour place for the boat at Svanemøllen, and a good one.

Decision on Almas 2011 visual

White, Kingred water line (Jens unique new colour idea) and a black hull.

Winter 2010: New Svøb (Svoeb) are mounted with copper nails

After bending and gluing the three-layer wood veneer is finally assembled in the boat with copper nails.

7 coats of lacquer before. Not to forget!

First Linde oil given oktober 2010

The cockpit is getting oil (lindeolie) to help protect the wood during winter.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Removing varnish and paint from the hull

It is easier than expected removing the old varnish and paint of the boat. Our estimation is 60 manhours for the hull. We use something similar to at hairdryer but with 2000 watt. And of course a paint scraper.

On you can find more inspiration on the subject.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First thing: Roof, we need a dry boat

Our carpenter Soren build this great roof by himself. And we can even adjust it to a complete house by adding extra tarpaulins. Let's see if it really works...!

Alma arrives at Svanemøllen

In june 2010. Finally, after months of waiting. Alma finally arrives in Svanemøllen Harbour in Copenhagen. The boat has not been in the water for an estimated 10-12 years. And it will take a little time more getting there.

As members of Sundet Yachtclub the restoration is situated on land in very nice physical surroundings and a friendly atmoshphere. We can allready sense that it is a Yachtclub with more than 100 years of traditions. Alma is build in Svendborg on Fünen (Denmark) by Ove Kaae in 1963. The number registered in the danish website is F378.